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In-home yoga pricing is based on the time and location of class. Please mention cross streets and day of week, time you would prefer your private yoga session.

Please also mention any details, like injuries, pain you may have.

I look forward to guiding you on your yoga journey to wellness and health!

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Private Couple's Yoga | Couple's Yoga Scottsdale

Private Couple’s Yoga Classes in Scottsdale, Phoenix and the East Valley. In-home yoga or couple’s yoga at studio. Certified, experienced and professional yoga teacher.

Private Couple’s Yoga


Benefits of Private Couple’s Yoga Classes

What better way to enjoy yoga than in a private couple's yoga class with your significant other? Learn or practice yoga together with an in-home instructor - I conveniently come to your location for couple’s yoga classes at a time that suits you. Alternatively, you can come to my studio location in Ahwatukee or Tempe.

I provide yoga mats, blocks, yoga blankets and even foam rollers for therapeutic yoga exercises. Each class is customized for you and your partner, regardless of what level of shape you both are in. Classes move at a pace that you both can work with. You can tell me specifically what kind of workout you want and exercise goals you have in mind, and I’ll shape the yoga session around your requirements.

More and more couples are taking advantage of the benefits of private couple’s yoga classes - not only for the body, but also to manage stress. We seldom take time out in our busy schedule these days just to relax, unwind and work on ourselves. With a partner, you can both improve your wellness and motivate each other to be consistent in your practice.