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Yoga for Seniors | In Home Yoga | Chair Yoga

Therapeutic, private yoga classes for seniors. Mat or chair yoga. I come to your Phoenix location for in-home yoga classes.

yoga for seniors

It’s never too late to start learning yoga! In fact, the older you get, the more your body needs the benefits of yoga to keep the muscles from stiffening up and weakening. That is why yoga for seniors is becoming so popular.

I have many clients who only started yoga at a mature age and are so grateful they did. Stiff and weakening muscles begin to limit mobility, decrease quality of life and cause pain. Yoga is a gentle and therapeutic way to prolong body health.



Chair yoga is becoming ever more popular because it makes yoga accessible for a larger range of people. Whether your aliments be related to age, weight, disability or pain issues, chair yoga creates a safe and comfortable environment to learn and practice yoga. Using a chair alleviates the need to perform seated floor yoga. A wide range of stretching and strengthening can be performed while seated on a chair.

Depending on a your needs, I may incorporate hand weights and some exercises laying down on the back, for example gentle core exercises and stretching. I conveniently drive out to your Phoenix location too.


seniors yoga

Because every person has such a unique body, sometimes with limitations, I incorporate a wide range of exercises and props into my personal yoga sessions. For stiff and pained shoulders and back, I may use foam rolling and yoga ball rolling.

I sometimes also use Pilates exercises and hand weights, especially for core and arms. I’ve found in some cases, yoga poses can be too difficult for certain people, so I customize and blend in whatever exercises are accessible and suitable for each and every different person. This way, you really get the most out of every personal yoga session!