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Private Yoga Teacher | Yoga for Neck Pain | Yoga For Back Pain

Therapeutic, private yoga classes for neck, back and other pain and injuries. Certified and experienced in-home yoga teacher. I can come to your Phoenix, AZ location.


Yoga for neck pain

By modifying yoga poses and exercises, I work around existing pain, injuries and previous surgeries. Through yoga, I have helped many people feel relief from discomfort and improve their posture, flexibility and strength.

For people with high-pressure jobs, yoga meditation and breathing exercises calms and refocuses the mind and can relieve stress and tension that has built up in the body. You will be surprised how much stretching tight, stiff muscles and using gentle movements can help with pain and discomfort.

Whether you have chronic pain or something that comes and goes, regular yoga sessions will make a big difference to your overall wellness. 

Have you heard the saying; "Sitting is the new smoking."? With 80% of Americans having jobs where they sit behind a desk, I am dealing with more people seeking yoga out for tech-related pain, as well as stress.



Common ailments I deal with in my private yoga clients include back, neck and shoulder pain, and general sitting-related discomfort, like stiffness and pain in the legs. I call these desk injuries. A common example is “mouse shoulder”. This is pain in the shoulder of the arm you use to repetitively move your computer mouse. This can also cause pain in the elbow and wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome).

One of today’s common ailments is screen-related pain called “text neck”. As implied by its name, text neck occurs from staring down at a screen for too long, with bad posture. As one’s head hangs forward and down, the neck protrudes and stretches the muscles at the back of the neck and upper back / shoulders. This results in pain in the neck and shoulders, chronic headaches and increased curvature in the spine. Posture also deteriorates from text neck.

As the legs stiffen up from prolonged sitting, people also seek out yoga for lower back and leg pain (sometimes sciatica). Usually after a few sessions with a new student, the first thing they purchase is an ergonomic office desk on my advice. Awareness of posture is a noticeable effect of beginning yoga classes.


Because each and every person has such a unique body and limitations, I incorporate a wide range of exercises and props into my personal yoga sessions. For stiff and pained shoulders and back, I may use foam rolling and yoga ball rolling. I sometimes also use Pilates exercises and hand weights, especially for core and arms. I’ve found in some cases, yoga poses can be too difficult for certain people, so I customize and blend in whatever exercises are accessible and suitable for a particular person. This way you really get the most out of every private yoga session!