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Team Building Ideas | Company Yoga Classes | Office Yoga

An excellent team building idea for corporates. Company yoga classes at your office or work event. I am a mobile yoga instructor in Phoenix, Arizona. Also offering barre and pilates classes.

Company & Team building YogA


Company yoga classes at the office or workplace are an ideal solution to improve employee wellness and morale. It’s often a much-needed break from the computer screen, and an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate the mind. The benefits of yoga for employees also include the tools to refocus, destress and revitalize the body. Company yoga classes are also an excellent addition for team building and work events. I set the intention in my yoga classes to suit the theme of your work event. For example, some themes I have brought to class have been Mindfulness, Release, Focus, Being Present, Awareness etc. I’ll travel to your office, hotel or AirBnb. I can also bring yoga mats, if required.


Do something about desk strain and pain!

My specialty is teaching yoga to people who spend too much time sitting. Whether this be behind a computer at a desk, in a car, or even on a plane. Yoga exercises usually target tension and stiffness in the neck, upper back and shoulders. You can read more about this here. Besides the physical stiffness associated with desk jobs, tension in the neck and shoulders is compounded by work pressure, stress and long working hours. In these cases, restorative yoga and meditative breathing exercises help to calm the nerves and bring the blood pressure down, improving overall mood and performance.


Yoga is the perfect tool to ease aching feet and tired, swollen legs. If you are on your feet all day at work, yoga can relax your aching soles (while uplifting your soul!). Gentle yoga inversion poses, like legs up the wall, get the blood flowing back down the legs. I also focus on other pain-relieving exercises including stretching for lower back pain.


Yoga classes start with a short breathing exercise to calm and center. This is followed by a stretching warm up which usually concentrates on neck, back and shoulders. I usually ask participants if they have any particular parts of the body that need stretching or are experiencing discomfort or stiffness. Then I’ll add some exercises to the class for these. I also stretch forearms and wrists for aching computer mouse and keyboard arms – the computer mouse is a huge cause of shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. We’ll do some standing exercises to stretch the legs out and get the blood flowing. Lastly, the cool down, stretching exercises are performed lying on the back.

I also like to sometimes use the wall for certain exercises. I teach employees some easy and effective stretching exercises they can do by themselves at their desk.

After class, I’ll be available if employees need advice on exercises for any ailments they have. I can also recommend or bring yoga props to class if someone has previous, painful injuries, or are just particularly out of shape.

" What an amazing experience! Our team had a meeting in Scottsdale and we scheduled a private group session with Desert Breeze Yoga. Very impressed with her professionalism, communication and follow up. Our entire group was very delighted when she came to our hotel and even brought us each a mat! We had some beginners and a few that were more seasoned and Donna was exceptional with everyone. I definitely suggest you book Desert Breeze Yoga!" - Jason Coughlin, Banana Republic.

" Donna was a pleasure to work with and our group really enjoyed her yoga session. She was very thorough and took the time to scope out the best location. We would definitely recommend her to any group in the area." - Kelley Connars, Meetings Manager, FCCLA: The Ultimate Leadership Experience.

“Donna lead a yoga session for our professional retreat and did a great job with our group of varying experience levels. Even worked in and applied our theme for the week. Would use her again in a second. No question.” - Dale Schott, Flex Link LLC

Corporate Yoga Retreat on Mindfulness At Work

Corporate Yoga Retreat on Mindfulness At Work