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Private Barre Classes | Barre Teacher Phoenix

Private barre classes in Tempe AZ. I also come to your location for personal, in-home barre classes and company barre classes at your office.

Private Barre Classes

private barre classes

For an effective fitness, toning and strengthening class, this combined workout will give all the benefits of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. No previous experience is necessary. My dancer-like style of Barre classes makes use of a ballet wall barre for about 50% of the hour class. The other 50% is mat floorwork concentrating on stretching and core workout. I also incorporate hand weights for arm sculpting. I usually teach barre out of a studio in Tempe, but I have also taught barre using a countertop and chair back at private homes!

Because of the use of the wall barre, which provides support for stability, Barre workouts can be enjoyed by all ages, even by those who struggle with balance. This workout can be fast-paced, fun and upbeat or I can play classical music and make it a slow, graceful workout.

Posture plays a big part in the Barre workout. A focus on alignment, form and precision will have you standing tall through the Barre routines, as your core is activated through almost every exercise. Although this is a low-impact workout, repetitions of small range-of-motion movements get the heart rate up and effectively build muscle tone.

Preview of the Barre workout for private Barre sessions.

Preview of the Barre workout for private Barre sessions.