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Private Yoga Ahwatukee | Donna Van Wyk | Desert Breeze Yoga

Private, in-home yoga classes by Donna Van Wyk in Ahwatukee and Phoenix AZ. Also teaching out of Ahwatukee studio. Certified and expereinced private yoga teacher for one on one, couple or group yoga classes.

Private Yoga

with Donna Van Wyk

mobile yoga teacher phoenix az

Donna Van Wyk is based in Ahwatukee on the edge of South Mountain Preserve - a desert landscape fitting to the name of her private yoga business: Desert Breeze Yoga. Donna Van Wyk is an outdoor enthusiast who grew up in South Africa. She has been interested in a colorful array of sports and activities throughout her life. From a young age, she ran the gamut from martial arts, swimming and hiking, to later in life taking up rock climbing and Latin dance. It was in 2006 when she discovered yoga. Yoga was a much-needed compliment to all her other sports and also her career at the time in online marketing. Yoga helped bring balance and restoration to her body and busy, adventurous life. Little did she know that she would eventually become a yoga teacher and share her passion for yoga with others.


After Donna’s yoga teacher training at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe AZ, she continued onto her advanced yoga teacher training while beginning to teach group yoga classes at Spirit of Yoga, the yoga studio affiliated with SWIHA. One of the most educational and influential courses in her advanced teacher training was Sadie Nardini’s Core Strength Vinyasa. This style of yoga focused her attention on alignment and moving in a way that is less compressive on joints and the spine. This developed her skills as a beginner's yoga instructor and made her aware of yoga pose modifications for injuries and weaknesses. Donna also continues to take additional advanced teacher training courses every year as per the yoga alliance membership requirements.

Donna opened herself up to teaching gentle, slow, yin and restorative yoga (very different from her intense, advanced vinyasa group studio classes). Over time she learned to adjust the pace of her classes according to the student's capabilities.

As she began teaching at yoga studios throughout the valley and taking on students for private yoga classes (travelling as far as Queen Creek and Paradise Valley), she found a more therapeutic approach to yoga was often required. She learned that many students drawn to yoga needed stress and pain relief, patience and care for their unique level of fitness and body type.

Although some students just wanted to get better at their personal yoga practice, others had health issues that needed to be dealt carefully with. These included weight issues, fibromyalgia, tech-induced body ailments like prolonged desk-related stiffness and pain, as well as stress!

Through her private yoga instruction, she helped people refine and grow their yoga capabilities. She makes them more aware of posture and she helps them manage their aches and tension through therapeutic yoga classes. In a one-on-one personal yoga setting, people can advance and learn at an accelerated pace. Although couples, friends, and family members are welcome to take couples classes with Donna too!

She offers modifications for students of all levels and in this way encourages students to learn to love and appreciate their bodies and themselves, flying to new altitudes. Donna loves sharing her passion for life through her yoga teaching!